Answers to Basic Questions

-Our bulbs are NOT halogen. Our bulbs are quartz with Tungsten Filaments.

-Our bulb manufacturer in China has over 20 years of IR bulb experience, and we have been distributing bulbs for them since 2008.

-Our bulbs are only available in standard lengths.

-We do not make customs bulbs.

-IR Welding outperforms all other welding assembly processes for plastics. Hot Plate, vibration, sonic, hot gas, spin, and heat stake cannot compare.

-IR Welding allows for the most versatile part design, by allowing greater angles to be welded. 90 degree angles can be welded if required. Consult with us on your needs.

-We believe our bulbs to be superior to what you may be currently getting. Our bulbs are 100% guaranteed, and will be replaced for free, with the exception of breakage.

-Please click the button below if you have any additional questions